The Helotes Area Community Band

Music is a universal language

Welcome to the Helotes Area Community Band! 

We are a rapidly growing community band representing the City of Helotes, Texas.

It is with great hope and expectation that membership in this organization will be a most rewarding and gratifying musical experience; keeping in mind that “music is a universal language” that soothes and warms the soul.

Chuck Kuentz


Charles L. Kuentz, Jr.

Director Emeritus

Mission Statement

The goal of the Helotes Area Community Band (HACB) is to be a leader in musical performance and encourage community participation, to promote wind music and the concept of the community concert band, and to make a substantial contribution to musical life in the Helotes, Texas area. We will do this by performing a wide-range of high-quality music; by presenting frequent concerts, participating in festivals, and other events. We will welcome musicians in the band who are serious and can perform at an advanced high school level, and are serious about elevating their musical skills to a higher level. Musicians will be admitted into the band upon a satisfactory audition with one or both directors, and the availability of an opening in the desired section.

History of the Band

The HACB was just a gleam in Mayor Thomas A. Schoolcraft’s eye in the summer of 2008, with seven players. Mr. Charles L. Kuentz, Jr., a retired Northside Independent School District band director, became the director. Mr. Kuentz’s son, Chuck, also a retired NISD Band Director, filled the rank of Associate Director in 2012. Rehearsals were held in the Council Chambers of City Hall until February 2009. The band outgrew the space, and Henley Hall at the First Baptist Church became the band’s new home. With Mr. Kuentz at the helm, the Band has expanded greatly with a diversified and talented group of over 50 musicians. The band has performed Christmas Concerts at various venues, monthly at the Helotes Movie Nights under the stars, formal Spring Concerts, and annual July 4th and Veterans’ Day concerts.

Policies and Procedures

Like all organizations, HACB must have rules and policies. Their purpose is to organize our work so we may all focus on the main purpose – making music.

HACB is an all-volunteer organization, sponsored and funded by the City of Helotes. Upon your membership, your regular attendance to rehearsals and performances indicates your personal commitment to the band and musical fulfillment.

Rehearsal schedule will be as follows:

6:30 – 9:00 P. M. on Monday nights, rehearsing in Henley Hall behind the First Baptist Church of Helotes.

Members shall be seated on time, warmed up, and ready for the rehearsal to begin.

Member responsibilities:

Attend all rehearsals unless excused by the director.

Attend all performances unless excused by the director.

Communicate in a responsible manner.

Fulfill music responsibilities, including proper care and handling of HACB property, having the folder present for all rehearsals and performances, and returning music promptly.

Prepare musically, for all rehearsals and performances, by having all equipment on hand, such as reeds, mutes, etc.

Demonstrate a willingness to perform as a team member.

Comply with directions of the music director.

Be on time and in proper attire for performances.

Notify director of anticipated absences.

Volunteer skills, and non-musical work time for the benefit of the organization.

Music Folders and Music:

Everyone is responsible for their own folders. It is the policy of the HACB for each member to see that their folder is in their possession for each rehearsal and performance.

HACB is fortunate to have the City of Helotes furnish us with music, as we need it. Hence, it is our responsibility to take care of it, and return it at the appropriate times. It is indirectly the property of Helotes.

Performance Attire: Indoor Concerts:

Men – black tuxedos or black suits, white shirt, bow tie, no vest, black shoes and black socks.

Ladies -- black dress no shorter than knee length, or solid black pants and black blouse, black shoes and black hose. Lace, sleeveless attire, spaghetti straps, or décolletage are not encouraged.

Performance Attire: Outdoor Concerts:

Men – Black pants, HACB polo-shirt, black shoes and socks.

Ladies – Black pants, HACB polo-shirt, black shoes and socks.

Occasionally, specific performances will require deviations from this dress requirement. This list defines “concert black” and “standard outdoor” concert attire. Band shirts are required to be purchased by band members.

Performance participation:

To be eligible to play a concert, a member must have attended the last two regular rehearsals prior to a concert or have been granted specific exemption by the director. Acceptable reasons for missing a rehearsal are:


Work related travel

Family emergency

Vacation (with 2-week advance notice)


Death in Family

Resignation and leave of absence:

Letters of resignation should be addressed to the director and all folders and equipment belonging to HACB returned.

Band members with three or more uncommunicated absences will be considered to be no longer interested in the band. That member will be expected to return all folders, music, and equipment belonging to HACB.

Leave of absences shall be granted by the director. Members taking a leave of absence will return all folders, music, and equipment to the director prior to taking the absence.

Membership in HACB is based on musical benefit to the band and other skills or contacts the individual may have which would be beneficial to the organization. HACB will not base selection criteria on race, age, sex, creed, or national origin.

An audition, plus an open position in the desired section will determine membership. If the section is capped, this person will be placed on a waiting list.


Flute & Piccolo 12

Oboe 2

Bassoon 2

Clarinets 9

Bass clarinet 2

Alto saxophone 4

Tenor saxophone 2

Baritone saxophone 1 or 2

Trumpets 9

French horns 8

Trombones 8

Baritones (Euphoniums) 4

Tubas 4

Percussion 6

“We don’t require any dues to be a member of our band. As a result, everybody is treated as one big family and every Monday night we have a family reunion.”

Charles L. Kuentz, Jr.

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